Monday, 10 May 2010

Nr. 7 No view, disgusting carpeting and crappy neighbours included

My boyfriend and I are househunting. It's exciting times and we enjoy the hunt, but as usual I have mixed feelings about this. I'm hoping to find a wonderful house at a great location just perfect for our little family. At the same time I'm scared we'll end up beeing lured out to the suburbs to a house full of mold and with a pair of crappy neighbours.

I've found that making fun of the house-adds is a good way to make time pass while waiting for my dream home to come true. And believe me, there are lots to make fun of. There are just so many interesting and creative ways to hang up curtains out there. Some people obviously feel that children's bedrooms are supposed to look messy, and there is no use in covering it up. And some people find it very natural to hang a womans purse on the wall next to their dining room table...! 

Here's to inspiring interior decorating,


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