Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Monday, 11 January 2010

New Year - new mistakes...or?

A new year has begun and with that comes the inevitable hopes for change. I have been able to keep some new years resolutions in the past, but I'm not totally convinced that anything will change in the New Year. Nevertheless I have decided on some resolutions, and I have decided to keep them "up-beat" and borderline fun filled. 

1.Drink more (this includes drinking more water and also trying out different types of white wine to increase my list of "preferable wines" to contain more than two.

2. Increase my blogging. For obvious reasons. 

3. Invite friends over for dinner. ( yes, same as last year, but since I failed miserably, I'll have to keep trying)

Wish me luck!

I dedicate this blog to my colleague Knut. When asked if he had any new years resolutions, he looked back at me with a confused but confident look and said "what's to change?"