Sunday, 13 July 2008

Sweet mama what a lovely holiday!

Yes I have returned. The two weeks in lovely Rethymnon is over and I couldn't be more bummed. I really had a great time with my friend in the hot, hot, Greek paradise. OK, this may be a bit over the top, but seriously, this has been one of the greatest holidays ever.

We had a bit rough start. As our plane left Norway at 12 at night, and the plane did not provide enough comfort for a good nights sleep, we were quite tired when we arrived at six in the morning. Still, sleeping was not an option - we were here to get tanned, so we headed right for the beach. A scenario that repeated itself on a daily basis.

I will not bore you with the details so let me just summarize: The hotel was great, the beach was lovely, the local wine was...consumable, the free shots were many in numbers and impossible to turn down and we never got exactly the tan we were hoping for - just as projected.

This was not a holiday where sightseeing and cultural events were in focus. We opted for relaxation and fun, and I have to say we reached our goal. To me a great holiday has never been defined by sights and cultural events, but more with the people you meet and connect with. In that respect this holiday was excellent. Not to say we made friends for life, because we didn't, but the people we met most definitely coloured our vacation and made it memorable.

I dedicate this blog to our wonderful "friends" from Rethymnon;
- The cute and oh so young Swede at the worst disco in all of Rethymnon - "very horny every night".
- The bartender at our favourite bar who always provided the much needed free shots and who knew how to appreciate good music.
- The charismatic and somewhat strange Italian guy who made me "pasta ala Milo & Elisabeth" and let us in on the secret of the Da Vinci project.
- The danish Pamela-copy who showed us how to have a good time with all the wrong people
- The local sailor who drove miles after miles to enjoy "our" company.
- The power-walker at the beach that never missed a days workout.
- The waiter at our favourite Italian restaurant who were always there for me whenever I needed him to be.
- The oh so charming girl from Arendal who without knowing it became our Rethymnon favourite.
- " Skiatos", the hot, hot, hot guy at the strawberry bar who taught us a new favourite expression- Poof!
- The three Norwegians who were constantly sunburned and drunk.
- The cleaning lady who I'm sure "we" made quite an impression on.
- Chubby-Kjellis and Gay-Kjellis.
- The lovely Miros who taught us the importance of looking good on the beach.
And last but certainly not least a special tribute to my travelling companion who picked me up when I was down, fed me when I was hungry and never ever said no to a free drink. You are the best!

We love Crete!
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