Monday, 29 June 2009

I AM a good driver...!

I just realized - my driving isn't that bad. I don't actually have a car myself, but I do have the licence to drive and evne though it's been a while since I've practiced driving, my sis trusted me with her new car this weekend while she was out of town. It was a nice gesture, and I do appreciate it, even though driving kinda scares me. But as you can tell by the headline, it all went well - or at least so far - so good. Aside from running the window wipers on full speed thorugh the city center a beautiful sunny summerday and almost crashing into another female driver I did pretty good.  So if only there were no other drivers on the road, no sunshine blinding me and  no need for parallellparking I'm sure I would be considered a wonderful driver!



Best friends forever...or at least until the end of the day

I made a new friend today. It's been a while since I last made a new friend, so it was about time. This guy was quite charming. He just came up to me offering me some of his crackers. He told me he was three years old (underlined by holding up three fingers) and that he liked strawberries...and just so happens I had a box of strawberries on my blanket right in front of me. Surely that's not the only reason for him asking for my friendship, he didn't strike me as the manipulating kind, but just to be on the safe side, I didn't offer him any. Oh come on, I wasn't beeing mean, I was just making sure he didn't have the wrong motives. 

He did make me wonder though, do I have to high standards for my friends?? Could it be enough that they have a box of strawberries?

I dedicate this to a charming three-year old in super cool spiderman shorts.

Best friends 4 eva!


Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Bad bird carma...Is there such a thing?

A bird took a shit on me today

it's a powerful statemet taking a dump in a strangers hair for no apparent reason. I mean there were three of us relaxing in the park, lots of people around us - louder and much more obnoxious than I was, but still, he/she singled me out. Why?? is there such a thing as bad bird carma? Does this mean I must prepair for a shitty summer? I surely hope not. It's been a lovely but somewhat strange start of the summer. But even though I am a bit traumatised after the attack...!, I take comfort in the fact that bird shit in your hair is better than no hair at all. 


Thursday, 18 June 2009

I did it!

Yep, you heard me, I did it! I am no longer single! I am officially in a relationship and has been for soome months now. How did we meet? Well, people always said that he'll come around when you least expect it, but to be quite frankly, after 2,5 years, I was getting a bit tired of waiting. My best party-pal was slowly pulling away from our happy-go-lucky lifestyle out on the town every weekend, and had desided to focus more on her studies. Guys were not exactly quing up outside my door so I had to take matters into my own hands.

Friends friends? Well, there were not that many to choose from. Getting a hobby to meet men? Isn't that just the wrong way about it? I could potentially end up climbing mountains ofrgo kajakking the rest of my life and I don't like either! Meeting someone out on town? Well, I had tried...for a LONG time. No, new methods had to be considered, and everything was pointing thowards online dating. Scary, yes, I know, but quite entertaining too.

You won't believe (or maybe you have checked it out for yourself...admit it, you HAVE looked!) how many strange people are on these sites. Why would someone choose a picture of themselves where they are totally sunburned..or even worse, a picture where it's quite obveous that the x-girlfriend has been cut out of the picture - so to speak. And it's quite strange how many overly-sporty people are on these sites. They all looove to walk in the mountains, looove the outdoors, skiiing, climbing mountains, jogging and the list just keeps going. I doubt many of them can keep this up in real life.

When I saw a profile that had a more realistic, funny and different approach, I was intrigued. Enough to copy the consept actually. I ended up describing myself as lazy and a bit strange - of course with a positive spin on it and some other great qualitys too... don't want to scare them all off either. Well, after reading the 80 e-mails that found their way into my mailbox after only two days, I ended up chatting with this one guy... He stood out from the others, funny, smurk remarks, a quick wit, and good values. Well, long story short, the first date was a success, and so was the second and third...and so the story goes. And it all started with me copying his site...

I dedicate this blog to Kidrobot - my inspiration. 


Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The joy of reading...?

I'm in a book club. It's probably the best club I've ever been in - althoug I'm not sure I've ever been in a club before... still! I started it with two friends of mine for the single purpose to read moore books. We take turns choosing a book and meet up, eat some delicious homemade food and discuss...everything from the book cover, the reason for choosing that exact book and of course the content. Not many people believed we would be able to keep up the strict rules of the book club

1. No talking about the book with the other members prior to the meeting
2. No talk of other hot or boring personal topics before the book of the month has been out-debated. 3. Everyone must share their opinion and roll the dice to grade the book from 1-6.
and last but certainly not least:
4. Everyone must read the book before the meeting.

So far I'm proud to say that all members have honoured and respected these rules - much to the surprise of our surroundings. I think the secret behind the great success we've had with our book club is that all it's members are chosen carefully based on integrety and hard work. We all have taken risks along the way - at some point we have all had an intense reading-period right up til the meeting - some of us as close as 30 minutes before the meeting. Ice cold calculating of course - but we finish in time and we "graduate with honours".

Many people have pushed, begged and even tried lurking their way into our club, but we stand strong. The rule is - if a new member is let into the warmth, an existing member must leave - and as long as everyone follows the rules, that would be plain crazy! On spesial occations we have let guest members join in on our sessions. Once it was a relative visiting (who offered to wait in another room in respect of the book club rules) he was so sweet of course we let him join in. The other was the five day old son of one of the members. He seemd to be calmed by the discussion and the harmoni in our club because he slept through the entire meeting (not that he was bored, but all that discussions are tiering for someone that small).

Anywho. There is not really any point to this story, just wanted to share my wonderful club with you and let you know that even though you are not welcome to join our club, I DO reccomend you joining a book club, or even start one yourself.

Sweet reading,