Thursday, 26 June 2008

Ahh... summer is here!

Yes, the day has come. When I left work today I though - I'm not coming back here for four weeks! It was a great feeling. Tonight I'm off to Greece for two weeks of fun and sun in deliciously hot Rethymnon ( or Rethynjemi as my co-traveler insists on calling it - I have no idea why she would insist on calling it something that makes me think of Finland - Matti Nykenen and pale skinny boys with gold necklaces... but she does. ) Our hotel is located on the beach (OK, there is a road dividing the hotel from the ocean, but it doesn't show on the pictures, so I'm pretty sure it's just made up by competitors or something). The hotel has no jacuzzi, no swimming pool, no breakfast and no friendly receptionist but we have two beds and an ocean view, so it's all good. 20 meters from the ocean and about 200 meters from downtown with shopping, restaurants and bars...I think we'll enjoy ourselves. My friend keep getting these warnings - be careful, the Greek boys can be quite charming... it makes me laugh. There is nothing we want more then meet some charming, local Greek fellas that can show us a good time!! I would be lying if I said we went to Greece for the good food and to get to know the culture...!

As always the goal for me packing-wise is to bring just the right number of party-tops, shoes and bikinis, but I'm pretty sure I've brought with me way to much this time to. But instead of re-packing, I will set my pride in wearing all five bikinis at least once! Oh well, time to do the last details of the packing and get going. My friend will be here in just about one hour to pick me up and we'll head for the airport and charming Rethymnon.
I wish you all a fun summer holiday. I will try to blog directly from Greece (Don't wanna let my hordes of fans down) but can't make any promises. Just rest assure that if you don't hear from me, I AM having fun! I can guarantee it.


Thursday, 12 June 2008

The Foo keep on fighting - and they do it so well!

Last night Foo Fighters visited Bergen and me, my friends and about 20.000 others (here represented by the weird guy with writing on his forehead) went to see them live at Koengen. An outdoor concert is always risky, especially when it's been raining all week, but the weather Gods were kind and kept the dark clouds away. As I'm not a huge Foo Fighters fan, I didn't have big expectations to the concert, which made it even greater when the concert turned out to be energetic, entertaining and fun! They played a lot of songs from the one CD I have (...) so I could actually sing along to some of the songs - this may not have enriched the concert experience for my fellow consertfriends, but it made it a whole lot more fun for me. I have seen from their music videos they have a good sense of humour, but I was still surprised by the vocalists ability to make the audience burst out in laughter. Truly a funny guy. My favourite quote: "Oh my God, you guys are crazy... are you aware of that you just applauded to an triangle solo???"

The music is one part of the experience, but this night it was just as much about all the other little things... hanging out with friends eating and drinking working eachother up talking about the concert and what fun we are about to have. Flirting with the cute guy a couple of meters away while The Foo were working their magic onstage. And of course the visit to our favourite club afterwards. It was a Wednesday a bit out of the ordinary for me - staying out until four in the morning knowing I had to get up early the next day and do an honest days work for ohh...about 8 hours... I must admit when the alarm went of at 7.30 I didn't really feel well rested, still I wouldn't be the experience without. And the Foo Fighters have got themselves a new fan.


Sunday, 8 June 2008

"The movie"

Yes it's here - Sex & the city - the movie. I am a great fan of the TV series so when I heard they were making a movie to get the big closure I was quite trilled. So, last night I went to see it together with my sister. We came well prepared - dressed to kill (or amuse at least) and with a couple of home-made cosmopolitans ... Our shoes were not exactly Manolos but the heals were high and thin - just as they should be. Our fear of being a bit overdressed - I mean, we were just going to the movies - were completely unnecessary . As we got close to the movie theater we see girls - lots of them, and they are all in high heels and cute dresses. Obviously this TV-series has a lot of fans and they were all here to see the four fashion freaks one last time.

Then: Now:

I have to say, I was not disappointed. I got all I had hoped for - laughter, tears, great lines and lots and lots of fashion! And the girls were just as fabulous as they were when the series were on, not much had changed - Charlotte who has always been lousy at playing the "mad" scenes actually made the audience laugh when she was at her most angry - of course all the botox doesn't help the mimic...
The one who had aged the most in my opinion was actually the absolute hunk - Smith. What?? Of course, a picture is in order...! But I go for the early-day one... you can blame me if you want, but it won't make a difference.

Jennifer Hudson was a fresh new face and she was lovely in the role as Carries assistant - also the series needed a black character - they are in New York for heavens sake! I liked her so much that I chose to ignore the question that kept popping into my head whenever her character was on the screen - does one really hire a personal assistant just because one is so heartbroken one can't stand the thought of unpacking?? I guess in New York one does.

OK, so I mentioned the broken heart, so of course I should include a picture of the beloved and hated Mr. Big - "I curse the day your were born" He IS handsome in a devilish kind of way and a natural part of the movie.

All in all I really liked the movie, as I had seen the trailer there were no big surprises. It was not all sunshine and happiness, but that's never been the thing in this series. Even though the characters in this show are a bit (I could say "tiny bit" but I would be lying) prettier, richer and more successful than me, I do recognize myself and my friends in the characters and I guess that's why I'm so fond of them. Sex and the city is one of my favourite shows ever and it's great that they managed to pull of the movie in such an entertaining and emotionally way. Indeed a worthy closing.

Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!