Thursday, 21 August 2008

It is what it is, because of what it was.I did what I did 'cause it does what it does.

Although I have never been a huge fan of The Roots, I have always had a soft spot for rap and hip hop as a genre so when I heard The Roots were entering center stage at Grieghallen in Bergen -of course I had to attend. I alerted my co-hip-hop enthusiast C, we reserved tickets, and then the preparations could begin. In the days before the concert I listened to The Roots at all hours of the day; at work, while doing the dishes and of course while I was sitting in front of my computer totally wrapped up in the wonderful world of facebook. At one point I found myself quoting The Roots during one of our Monday sales meetings at work:

Somebody's gotta be there when it gets ugly
Somebody's gotta be there when it gets bloody
Somebody's gotta get their hands dirty
Yo, it's a fucked up job but somebody's gotta do it

OK, I have to admit, that never really happened, but it would be kinda cool if it did... Anyway -

My three CD-s were playing non-stop for days so I felt pretty confident I would know most of their reportoar...although I was painfully aware of the fact that singing along would never be an option - these guys talk faster than I can think!

My friend and I fighted our way to the front row full of anticipation and we were not disappointed. From the moment The Roots entered the stage and until they left it two hours later, I had a permanent smile on my face. MAN these guys know how to make good music! Their energy on stage was amazing and oh so contagious. There is no doubt in my mind, these guys really love to play music, and it shows. The crowd was going crazy and I could swear the roof lifted more than once. It was truly one of my best concert experiences.

Respect The Roots, they grow deep!