Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Nr. 2 "We have a fantastic system; he pays for everything"

I know what you're thinking so don't even bother rolling your eyes at me. I'm not one for keeping up apparences. I show my true colours and highlight them for everyone to see no matter how embarasssing they are - if you don't laugh of yourself, then who will? So, on my list of things I appreciate in my life, I give you " trash tv". And with that I mean mostly reality shows of meaningless people doing meaningless things. I could have said tv in general, but there is just something with trash tv that lures me in and entertains me. On my top list is: The Hills, Newlyweds and Paradise Hotel. But my all-time favourite as of today is the Swedish hollywood wifes. That show is just a paradise for peoples who appreciates quotes and parodies. Those guys really bring sunshine into my life. 

Props up to Maria and the rest of the girls. 



Darling Nikki said...

I must admit I have hardly seen anything of Svenske Hollywoodfruer. Not because I don't want to, but simply because I don't know when it's airing. I strictly watch tv-shows I just stumble upon. What I have watched lately, and I admit this a bit shameful, is Paradise Hotel. But guess what! It all became worth it this afternoon, when saw none less than Stine Marie at the airport in Trondheim. Sent home yesterday, today at the airport - a miracle if you ask me!

Thugnanny said...

Oh, babe, you have been missing out. But have no fear, there is hope. You can always watch the episodes on tv3s webpage. I think you'll like Maria, she's very likable - smiley.

That beeing said, paradise is not far behind. Many great moments of tv has been enjoyed at the hotel, and now that you know most of the crew I'm sure it's gonna bring you a lot closer. Big props.