Saturday, 17 October 2009

Superersize me!

Yesterday my "worst fear" became reality. After months and months of tremendous pressure, one of my favourite jeans finally caved. The the button popped out of it's place... and landed on the floor with a tingeling leaving me alone with the shame and the final evidence that THIS is it, this has gone TO FAR! Pants after pants has been put aside because they are ot tight for my no-longer-slim figure and now the emergency-pants are giving in too! The fact that my boyfriend was a witness to the insident doesen't make the shame easier to bear. He kept up the fasade with a perfect pokerface, but I know that on the inside- he turned away in disgust

I should never have skipped yesterdays work-out!


1 comment:

Darling Nikki said...

Hey, why don't you try out the Supersize me McDonald's diet for 30 days, to see how many pants you THEN have to put aside?