Sunday, 5 July 2009

I have a lot of clothes. I do! But does that mean I have anything to wear? Sertainly not. So to fix that, I just keep buying more. This of course, has some side-effects; bad economy, no saving for tough times and lots more, but today I realized that the biggest problem is not enough room. My dresser has given me some hints for a long time, but today it had had enough- it totally broke down. Not the best timing, I'm off to to Barcelona in just a few hours and a wardrobe emergancy is the last thing I need. With some fixing and trixing I was able to convince my drawer to pull together and give it one last efford. Now the question is, will this keep me from shopping while I'm i Barcelona?? hehe keep an eye on my blog and you'll get your answer in about nine days. 


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Darling Nikki said...

So, how did the shopping go?